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More prayers please!


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My son-in-law, (daddy to the money eating grandbaby), is in the Army. He got home from Afghanistan not long ago. He was promised by the Government, that he would have at least a 5 year break from being sent out of the Country again..

He's just found out today, that he may be headed into Iraq by this coming summer. (So much for the Governments promises, huh?)

Please be praying with me that he doesn't have to go there, and that they will bring ALL of the soldiers home asap. It's just my opinion, but I think we've had our guys in Iraq long enough.... :(



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Sadly enough We will be in Iraq for a while LONG TIME!! Document just signed non binding for long term troop deployment.

Sendin Prayers no one deserved this and I will check off My poltical views for the night.

Prayers and Support.

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Adding my prayers to the others for your SIL...

My 19 yr old son enlisted a year ago with the Army National Guard. He was promised the earth, moon and stars and got pretty much nothing even close. I believe NOTHING the military says and only half of what they do.

If it were not for all of the promises made about all of the glorious benefits and money I doubt my son would have ever thought twice about signing on that proverbial dotted line. Now we all hope and pray daily that he is not called up to head "over there". We've had one scare already but thanks to a paperwork mess up he was spared. At least I can be grateful for the ineptitude on that level. We are all very proud of him but scared to death at the same time. Hard not to be with the crazy state of the world.

On a semi~positive note, Jared DID manage to make Soldier of the Year for his unit!

Hoping for the best for all of us with military family.


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Nova...I'll certainly be saying prayers for your SIL. I have the highest admiration and respect for the troops that are there now but I have a problem with the way this entire sitaution has been handled by this administration.

Like Randy...I'm going to keep quiet on my opinions regarding this issue...lol!!!

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I am so sorry to read your post. What a horrible thing. My brother-in-law had a similar situation. On the day he returned from 18 months in Iraq he was told he would return in one year. So...they are already back at work planning for it. He has been in Iraq for over 1/2 of his 4 year-old-daughter's life. Urgh.

Prayers for those who selflessly serve. Our blessings at these holidays and always.


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AMEN, Nova. I think they have been there too long also. My sister's son is over there..they did let him come home and be with his Mom for a month..which was good, but he left to go back Friday of last week. I will be praying for your son in law when I pray for my nephew..which is a lot.

Love to you,


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Thanks everyone, I appreciate your thoughts and prayers.

Seems like just about everyone has a family member, friend, neighbor, etc., that is heading to the Middle East.

My son-in-law has been in the Guard for years. He proudly serves, but I feel so sorry for my daughter. She has her job cut out for her, with 3 little boys to handle alone.

She found out the day he left for Afghanistan, that she was expecting Lucas. (our little ATM machine! :D ), so she went thru the entire pregnancy alone, etc. (Well, I was with her, but it's not the same!)

God Bless those soldiers. My heart aches to think of them being stuck there, especially at Christmas time.

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Lots of prayers Nova that he will return victorious with the rest of the troops. God Bless him for his service.

As Sir Winston Churchill once said. "They also serve who only stand and wait' so prayers for him, your Daughter, their kids and YOU!

Good Luck & God Bless


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I certainly agree with you. My son was in the first Gulf War and that was a nightmare. I can't even imagine what the Mother's and other loved ones are going through this time.

My granddaughter's husband spent 6 months in Iraq before Caroline was born. He is scheduled to leave for Afghanstan in March for 15 months.

I think they should all be home, in fact I think that they should never have went but that is not always a popular opinion even with my own son so I will stop there.

While my son was there I wrote the following poem. I think it is even more significant this time.

The drums of war

We watched the storm clouds gather

In a far off distant land

And beat themselves to fury

Across the desert sand

A world away we couldn’t hear the mighty bugle call

We didn't see the signs of war written on the wall

We didn't hear the drum beat

Until it was so loud

It reached across the sea

To this land so free and proud

It reached across the heartland

From sea to shining sea

It chilled the hearts and bruised the soul

Of every family

Our best it took to heed the call

To join the world and make some mad man fall

We left behind will worry and sit and wonder why

Our tears could fill an ocean

But no one sees us cry

One day it will be over

Our brave ones will come home

They'll walk the streets in glory

Like others they have known

But for now

Let us all pray

God help us find a better way

Written while my youngest son was in Saudi for the first Gulf War

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Thank you for sharing your poem. That's beautiful.

When my son-in-law first went to Afghanistan,he suffered from major culture shock.

He said what bothered him the most, is that there were sooo many little children running around with no one watching them.

It snowed some while he was there , so they tore up cardboard boxes to use for sleds, then started showing the kids how to slide around on them!

The video he made while there, is interesting to watch. So different then what we here in the U.S. are used to seeing.

Thanks for the prayers.

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