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Sallys pet scan results/aggressive or non aggressive?


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Pet scan ll/27/02

There is a persistent single area of increased metabolic activity in the left lung (surgical lung, lower lobectomy 9/7/06). On the prior study this measured approsimately 1.4. The activity is increased. It currently measures approx. 5.7. The nodule also appears slightly larger on CT portion of the examination.

Impression: The left lung nodule shows increased metabolic activity when compared to the prior study.

Does this sound aggressive or non aggressive. I am worried he will discuss more chemo on me tomorrow. But if it is not all that aggressive then he may say lets wait a little longer? I don't really understand all that I read here and I know some of you do soooo any help with explanations will be appreciated!

Thanks, hugs and prayers for all...Sally

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Thanks Connie, I agree with you. I did post an update on the forum. I've already had lots of help here reading others sites and their trmts. etc... and their survival through all, same as me joining the ranks of survival. Don't know what I really feel here considering it is growing and active and new trmt to start up. But have read about alimta on many others and some it helped so looking with a positive attitude I reckon, really just feel a little numb making all the moves whatever I'm told to do here more or less.:):roll: Course I have the greatest confidence in my doc. You know he had a patient react to one of the drug used and he had searched everything trying to find a side effect that fit his patient but did not find any however, he notified FDA of this because his heart and experience told him it was the chemo drug his patient reacted to. Pt. is okay by the way. Course as I always keep saying God is in control, not me, not the docs, but He does give the wisdom and knowledge and guidance to them through prayers. So keep on, keeping on here!

love, prayers and hugs, Sally

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Sally, lets just try and focus on the PLUSES HERE. The plus is, they STILL have treatments to offer you. HOORAY!! Your still in the running my friend.

As long as they still have a PLAN you have a GOOD chance of beating it! + + + + + + + + It's when they can't do anything is when we start to worry! :wink::roll:

I am NO help on the new treatments, being I haven't had to do them (knock on wood)! But others will chime in and give you a helping hand here.

In the MEAN TIME, I'm cheering you on my friend. I know this isn't an easy ride, but there's still HOPE! ((((((SALLY))))))))

I'm SO GLAD to hear you like your Onc Doc. He sounds wonderful! Keep on keepin on! Go kick some cancer *ss!

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