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Gratitude - November 29th 2007


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Just two more days in


The week end will start

with Saturday December 1st.

Grateful this month will be over

soon, not so much this year but the

name of November brings on the


and they stay around me for thirty days.

SO ''Grateful'' that December is just around

the corner and that smiles will be real

and that the stress of living those

thirty days always expecting the worst

will be over in two days, that I had

to mention it today.

Hugs to all


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So grateful to my SIL's who I spent an entire day and evening with to work on a baby quilt for the upcoming birth of a new great-niece. (It's a family custom, quilts for weddings and births.) We laughed so much my side hurt. What a blessing to have SIL's that you would pick as your best friends.

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I'm grateful for electricity...although I hate to pay the bill every month. All of my outdoor lights and decorations are up and what a beautiful sight it is to see everything all lit up. Dennis used to love Christmas lights, so we have managed to leave most of the decorations just as they were when Dennis set them up. Although I lost Dennis in December, that seems to be the time of year I feel closest to him. I had to smile last night as I stood alone in the dark and looked at my lights from a distance, wondering if Dennis was seeing them too.

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grateful for my husband, married a year tomorrow. grateful for my new apartment and its fancy new kitchen. I have a dishwasher! grateful that my little boy's first fever came and went without anything more eventful than that. grateful for my friend Pat (see above). my god speaks through her so often.

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I am grateful to have enjoyed another Thanksgiving with my family which has grown by an additional grandchild since I was first diagnosed. I am grateful to have had clean scans to date since my surgery and prayerful that will continue. I am grateful for all of the support and information that I have received from this website. I am grateful that I am able to pray for myself and for all.


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