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Getting to Know You - November 29


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I don't remember if I was 8 or 9 the year my brother gave me a big Teddy Bear. We were very poor and most years I was thankful to get some candy and fruit in my stocking. That year my brother had earned some money doing odd jobs and his gift to me was that Teddy Bear. It became my best friend. Knew all of my hurts and secrets :!:

In later years my daughter in law got all of my grandkids together and took some beautiful pictures of them, one as a group and another of each the boys and the girls. She does such beautiful work.

I look back and I can tell you that this is one of those days that I wouldn't mind having that Teddy Bear to hold.

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Our family seemed to always struggle to make ends meet and looking back, it seems my day would always get laid off around Christmas time. It was amazing how that never seemed to dampen my mom and dad's Christmas spirit. Somehow, there was always something under the tree for me. I remember one year, when things were pretty dismal, and I didn't know if Santa would remember me or not. Well, thanks to my mom and her old Singer sewing machine, I was thrilled on Christmas morning. I had a beautiful doll from Santa and a case filled with beautiful doll clothes that my mom had made for me. Looking back, I think that was the best Christmas ever.

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Not a toy, but the present I remember the most - We lived on a mountain in Virginia (and, yes, my last name is Walton :lol: ) when I was 12. I snuck around and "peeked" at all the presents that were wrapped for me so that when I opened presents on Christmas day I found nothing new. I was greatly disappointed until my dad brought out a present he had hidden. It was a .22 rifle that I had no idea he had gotten. I still have it today, 42 years later.

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My favorite gift was an Easy Bake oven! I loved baking all of those little cakes and brownies!

But the one thing that always stands out in my mind, was the year I was six, and my G-Aunt, who was quite wealthy, decided to give me a gift for Christmas, which she had never done before.

It was a very expensive Shirley Temple doll.

I was terrified of it.. :shock: .. It had little teeth, and it's eyes seemed to follow me everywhere I went!!! :shock::D (I didn't let my Aunt know that though! I was very polite, and told her "Thank you", etc.)

I kept the doll until I was married, and finally couldn't take it anymore! I pitched it in the garbage, which threw my sister-in-law, (who collects dolls), into a hissy fit! Dummy me! I could have sold the thing on E-Bay! I had never played with it, because I was scared of it, so it was in mint condition! :oops:

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