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Getting to Know You - November 30


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I prefer the white lights. I think they look more like icicles hanging from the roof that the colored lights do. Plus, I think a display with the white/clear lights just looks simple but elegant. One thing I can't stand, which I saw quite a bit of last night, is when all the different colors are mixed together...a strand of greeen here, one of red there, a blue in the middle. I think that mix makes everything look a bit busy.

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I like the white lights,

icicles kind as long as they

are taken down for the summer....

I miss the lights we had in the country,

big pine trees on the land and the

lights made them so beautiful at night.

No decoration YET on this building,

we may miss Christmas they way it goes.

I have my lights for the windows installed

already, ready and waiting.


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White Italian lights for Christmas tree and outside remains the larger trend around here. A few well placed spotlights or candles in every window were also pretty common for a few years where we live. I'm seeing single color strings showing up this year and I don't care for the all green or all red look.

I used to love the big bulb colored lights outside from when I was a kid, but they don't seem look very good on our house.

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