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Gratitude - December 1st 2007


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Saturday a day to enjoy,

specailly that the Pub is

open for a special celebretion

Donna 10 years............

Grateful that people like Donna

are an inspiration to all of us

in this lc fight and that we can

give her and name and story as an


Lets enjoy this celebration and

have also a prayer for all the

members of the forum between two rounds.


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I am grateful EVERY day when I see Jackie's post, even when I have no words to say.

I am grateful to see Pat offering her comforting words once again.....I missed her.

I am grateful for each wonderful person who I've met right here who makes this journey not a lonely one.

I am grateful for all the care and compassion and support here.

Maybe I should have saved a few of these for tomorrow, but just felt moved this morning.


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