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Any advice for surviving Cisplatin and Etoposide treatment?


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I am starting Cisplatin and Etoposide for neuroendocrine carcinoma in a little over a week. I know the Cisplatin is nasty for the nausea is causes. Any help on getting through this? I have one day of Cisplatin and three days of Etoposide, then a three week rest. I am to do four rounds. The oncologist has already mentioned antinausea drugs, but he's warned me that it's worse on people my age and my size (I'm currently underweight).

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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I did those drugs for weeks before I was able to have surgery and another course after I had surgery. I remember the doctor gave me Rx for several antinausea drugs. I don't ever remember using them. At the end of the second round I did start falling down and discovered I was developing neuropathy from the Cisplatin.

I don't fall down any more and best of all it is 10 years since I was diagnosed and am cancer free. Best wishes to you, keep us posted on how you are tolerating chemo.


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When my husband and I met his oncologist for the first time the onc asked my husband what his biggest fears/concerns were. My husband told him that he was afraid that chemo would make him really sick and take away his quality of life.

The doctor then told him that he was going to do cisplatin/etoposide, but because of his concerns he would replace cisplatin with carboplatin. In this oncologists opinion the drugs were equally effective, but carbo would be much better tolerated. Hubby tolerated this regimen very well.

Just food for thought.


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Hi Lorie - My mom has that same treatment plan. She's now three weeks from her first treatment and she starts round 2 tomorrow. She does take anti-nausea pills on her treatment days (I don't know the names) and receives one via IV before each treatment. The IV anti-nausea is Decadron, which I have read has a side-effect of increasing appetite.

Mom has tolerated her first round of cisplatin/etoposide very well. She is tired - goes to bed earlier, sleeps later and naps every day. However, she is working to keep as much of her normal routine as possible and continues to clean the house, do the laundry, etc., at home. The first few days after round one she did have diarhea, which went away on its own. But she has had little to no nausea and has, in fact, gained weight! (Which she, too, needed to do.) Her onc had told her she would probably lose her hair during week three and she has noticed lots of it coming out now when she brushes her hair (she has just started week three - so it sounds like that will be true for her).

I know everyone is different but wanted to share that we've been pleased with how well Mom is doing. If you're needing to gain weight as well, the Decadron may be worth asking about. Of course we don't know for sure if that's what's helped with Mom's appetite, but thought I share the info.

Best wishes for a successful treatment with minimal side effects.

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