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Gratitude - December 4th 2007


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Good late morning to all,

Snow storm was a bad one,

but I survived, that is all

I can say.

Grateful the my appointment

for Monday was only postpone

to Wednesday if the weather is

still ok.

Grateful yesterday to see the

children have a field day in the

snow........they do not face a

storm the same was we do....

Have a good day.


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I know that this sounds horrible, but....I am so grateful that my boss is off today!!!. I actually got up and didn't dread coming into work today. We are all so relaxed and cheery in the office today. It's like having a vacation day and not leaving the farm so to speak. It's sad that one person can dictate everyones mood on a daily basis.

Also very hopeful that we will get the snow they are calling for over night tonite!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D


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I am grateful that I had a good day today. I went to pick up the last pots of John's from the Art Institute. I didn't think I'd be able to do it without crying but I made it through and the class invited me to their potluck tomorrow.

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