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Grief Support Groups

Connie B

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Some of the websites I have posted above are also just for Spouses. Some of them are broke down for:

Daugthers, Son's etc., etc.,

After my mother passed I attended an In Person Grief Support Group and I can't begin to tell you how helpful and comforting that was for me at that time. (that was 20 years ago).

I know many of my (past member)In Person Lung Cancer Support Group (spouses) attend in-person grief support groups and they report back to me that they find great comfort, support and make new friends by doing so.

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We are blessed to have a grief support group here that caters to kids (conceived in the wake of the OKC bombings). We meet twice a month. My kids meet in age-groups, and the parents all meet in another area. We all cover the same topics (anger, lonliness, facing the holidays) at our different levels. It has been a God-send to us, and has provided us with good avenues for discussion with each other.


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Thanks for posting these websites... I feel that I really need to attend some type of support group... I am having a hard time (on the inside, i have not let on too much to my husband, and WILL NOT tell my mother... as she is hiding the grief all to well her self) I looked online for a support group in my area... I cant seem to find one that will fit my needs. Most of them are for Breast Cancer or for those with cancer.. I cant even find a general one. One would think that with 2 differnet cancer centers in the general area I would be able to find something. I guess I need to keep looking, but until then, I will stick with this site and check out the others.


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