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Finished with the drugs and stuff


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Went to the Onc on Thursday and had an x-ray of the lung. Tarceva has run it's course and the doc feels that there is only palative care left. I feel really good, not like I have cancer or anything. I think I'm going to live for quite a while still. I've decided to try and write my life story for the Kids. That should take me a couple of years and then I can think of something else to do.

The wife wanted me to decided on a big familiy christmas or not but I can't see this one as my last yet so I'm not pushing it. It's really funny how when you know that it isnot going to get any better that you don't worry so much about the rest of the stuff in life. I'll keep you all up to date on my health and what I'm up to. If I miss any of you may you all have a beautiful holiday season and many more to come.


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Hi Ralph,

I just wanted to write and tell you that I think your attitude is great! No one knows when we will leave this Earth so we can do nothing but take one day at a time and enjoy it to the fullest. Go ahead and have a fantastic, wonderful Christmas because you deserve it..not because it may feel like it is your last one! It may be the last one for everyone reading this.

Take care and keep in touch,



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"rvillella"]It's really funny how when you know that it isnot going to get any better that you don't worry so much about the rest of the stuff in life.


Ralph, I can TOTALLY RELATE! Dealing with going for my 4 open heart surgery in less the two weeks I keep thinking "It'll be what it will be!"

I'm sorry that Tarceva didn't work for you, but we never know what might in the medical pike in the near future. They might come up with something very soon that will work for you. So, I think you need to plan for the future also. Good For You!

I think EVERY year should be a Big Christmas, WHY NOT? What a wonderful time to celebrate life each and every year.

I'm sure you'll have a great time writing your life story. It'll bring back many wonderful memories and of course maybe some not to great, but I think you'll have fun doing it and your kids will be very proud of you for doing it.

Have a WONDERFUL HOLIDAY RALPH! My Best to you Always.

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I am glad you are feeling well-- and sorry the Tarceva has failed. I can't tell from your profile if you've tried Avastin, but you might want to ask about it. It works similar to Tarceva but is a short infusion every three weeks with less side effects than Tarceva. Avastin worked very well for John-- and he felt good. Your children will love the story.


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