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Getting to Know You - December 4


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I would have to do one of those "grab-it and stash-it" cleans. For me, this consiste of running through the house, grabbing everything that's out of place and then stashing it in a spare bedroom. This, along with a quick vacumn (golden retriever hair) and a quick spray of air freshner should get me through a surprise visit! Of course, I have no idea what I'd throw together for dinner...lol!

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Yes I believe I would be ready. Plenty of beer always, food is just a phone call away. Depending on who it is, I may do the dash and stash, or I may not. Maybe a scented candle, mainly because I am addicted to scented candles. Anyone that requires more than that is a pest, not a guest, lol.

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Was it ONE guest coming in 30 minutes, or 30 guests coming at once????? :shock:

I would need a bigger coffee pot if it was 30. :D

If it was just one or two, I'd welcome them right in... What you see is what you get around here!

I keep the house very clean, but if they wanted to see a mess, all they would have to do is look inside my closets or in my cabinets! Everything is all jumbled and jammed in those!

I laughed when I pictured NYKA and Bobbi running out the door as fast as possible, and heading to the "pub", to hide out til they all went away! :D

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I have joked for years that I keep my house '20 minutes to Pope ready', meaning if he called to say he was coming and he would be there in 20 minutes, my house (excluding drawers and closets) would be 'Pope ready'.

Food is another story. I hope they like pizza. Drinks I could handle. Another joke, when I moved to my townhouse, I had one box of cookbooks and 24 boxes of wine, booze and wine glasses. What does that say about me??

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