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I feel kind of strange posting this. I'm so new to this site and I lurk more then I post. I can be a bit shy at times.

I had a follow up pelvic CT scan because of the hot spot in my pelvic area that showed up on the PET scan. The chemo Doc referred me to a Gyn Onc Doc. I saw him last Monday, a very nice man, and good looking too although that doesn't really have anything to do with anything except that he was easy on the eyes which is hardly ever a bad thing.

Long story short the CT confirmed that there is indeed a growth on, in or around my left ovary and I'm scheduled now to have a hyterectomy on the 24th (right before Thanksgiving). He'll be taking my left ovary & uterus for sure, the right one may be left if it turns out not to be malignant. Honestly at this point I'm not expecting them to leave it. The Doc didn't talk alot about benign cysts or anything, he didn't actually call it cancer it was just more a feeling that I got from him. He said something about not knowing at this point if it was a metastisis or a new primary, I'm not really sure just why thats a point, I noticed on an ovarian cancer site that it said if it was a metastisis then it wasn't considered "ovarian" cancer. I don't know if it makes a difference in treatment or not.

I'm sorry I'm just kind of babbling here. :oops:

This time last year I was having female problems & was scheduled for a D&C but then I was Dx'd with the sclc & it was cancelled, I guess everyone thought if there was cancer there it would be caught. I'm just kind of worried that maybe it wasn't, that maybe this has been growing for a year, but what are the chances of having two seperate primarys at the same time & if it was then why didn't the chemo take care of it, or did it just slow it down.

if if if if.

I'm not upset about the hyster actually. I mean, I'm done having children so I don't feel it like a loss or anything. I'm more worried about it being malignant, I'm feeling aware of things like survival rates again.

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When I was first diagnosed, I had a PET scan which showed 3 hot spots in my pelvic area. One on my R. ovary and two on my uterus. My oncologist sent me to my gynocologist, who I had just seen prior to LC diagnosis about fertility treatment. A sonogram was done, and masses were confirmed to be solid, but believed benign given my history. My doctor said that if it were ovarian cancer, my lungs would have numerous tumors. The only tumor in my lung was the size of a peanut. She told me take care of your lungs and come back to see me. She discussed my sister donating eggs to me. I am afraid to pursue invitro, or even adoption at this point because of my cancer. I am optimistic about the future, but fearful none the less. I went to a baby shower today, and it made me sad to not ever be able to have children. My work involves working with kids and I really enjoy it.

Since doing chemo, my periods have ceased the last couple of months. My last pelvic scan was normal....so maybe the chemo took care of it? I don't know? Did the chemo effect your cycles? Might as well have the plumbing removed if it isn't working anymore, or not needed. I am still unsure about it though. Keep us posted on yor surgery!


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Yes, the chemo stopped my periods. They started back again in August which was a "normal" one, September's seemed normal then it went wonky on me & basically I've been bleeding since then although it was mostly just light until this last week. I don't know if the exam stirred things up or if my uterus is just having its last hurrah but I feel like I'm going to bleed to death if it keeps up.

I'm sorry to hear about yours, it must be very hard if your still wanting to have children :(

When I was first diagnosed (Nov 2002), they didn't do a PET scan, just a bone & CT scan, which is one reason I'm left wondering now if that maybe something wasn't missed the first time.

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