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From Felicity FRL in South africa


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Not sure who all remembers Felicity off hand here, we have shared some PMs and tried some things FOr her husband Mark and I recieved this note today from her about Mark and thought I should share it wioth her friends here.......

Hi I am back,

I am really sorry I did not get your reply on the salt/sodium/protien ....but can't dwell on the "what ifs". I have enough of those already and the regrets ... oh there are so many of them.

Mark passed away on the Tuesday, by Wednesday his sister arrived and started on his boxes in my store, by Friday his sons arrived and started taking all his expensive coats, and then wanted to come and clear out his wardrobe !!! I flipped. The man had not even been cremated yet and they were like a pack of vultures. I refused, and have now decided that I will do the clearing out, in my own good time, when I am happy to do it. How can I have his clothes in my closet one day and they all gone the next ?? Then to top it all, Monday morning first thing they on the phone to the executor to find out the contents of the will.

So, I have been through the anger stage - for him having left me so early, and at Christmas ! The desperately wanting him back, no matter what. The utter hopelessness and dispair and tons and tons of regrets !

I ran away to hide for a few days, and am now back home. It did me some good, but suppose I do have to face up to the realities. He was in the military for years, so there is a memorial service for him on Saturday - not sure how I am going to get through that. But it is something that I HAVE TO DO. U see, we got married in March, but Mark did not want to tell anyone because he felt it would take away the sparkle of our wedding in November (24th), that was to be our wedding day with all our friends. So - legally we were married, but very few people knew. of course now the rumours have started in that I forced him, and I only married him for his money (I had more than him when we got married), I alienated him from his friends and would not let them talk to him (what do they not understand ? HE WAS ILL AND COULD NOT TALK SOME DAYS, AND OTHER DAYS SLEPT EXCEPT FOR MEALS ??) .... So I get to go and meet all these people who thought I was fantastic, but have now been poisoned by stories from his lovely sisters. Suppose we will see just who his true friends are.

I have lost so much weight these past 2 weeks, that I must be off and find some food to eat. I am really grateful for the support - and would appreciate any more advice you can give me.



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Hello Felicity:

I remember you very well and I am so sorry to read your post. Please accept my condolences in the loss of your dear Mark.

You have done the right thing in not letting anyone take anything without your approval. Those things have to be done on your time and when you are ready.

Please come here whenever you need to, whether it's for support or to share your grief.

Prayers that God will give you peace and strength for the difficult days ahead.


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