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My Son Nicks World with Cancer Blog

Patti B

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Hi all -

About a month ago, I became e-mail friends with Chris, known to you all as MsC1210. We have started a wonderful relationship. She has a website called cancergrief.com. In talking to her, I was explaining that it is so hard for me to find a support group in the community for my 15-year old son, Nick. We had found one, but it was all girls and they all had moms fighting breast cancer and he said he could not relate to them. Chris found me a bunch of on-line support groups and decided to put a "kids Place" on her website. Then she decided that it would be great if Nick would be willing to start a blog, explaining to other kids how he felt, the problems he has encountered as a kid, etc. while trying to cope with a mom with cancer. Nick agreed to do this and has posted one blog so far Tuesday night and he is working on more. Our hopes is that other kids will have a place to go like we do here on this forum. Nick really wants to help kids who are just beginning this journey and I do believe that in doing so, he will also be helping himself.

So check it out!!! Chris's website is www.cancergrief.com and you can either click on KidsPlace or there is a direct link to Nicks World with Cancer on the home page. Would love to hear feedback on this!!!

Hugs and prayers to all - Patti B.

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I am so glad that I have been able to get to know you and Nick. You are both amazing people and I am so honored and proud to have Nick as a part of my site.

Working with Nick has been not only a pleasure but such a great experience and I am praying that this blog will give other kids who are faced with cancer in their families the ability to reach out to others to help them through.

Patkid.. you make me laugh.. Thanks so much for the gentle persuasion to become non~cynical lol.

Many special hugs to you,

Christine... who really IS still cynical, just not as much as before lol :D

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I'm forwarding this to my 14-1/2 year old son's email address right now.

His friends from school don't understand, because they've not had the experience of seeing their dad battle cancer, so it will be nice for him to have another young man near his age to share with.


Nova (and Jacob)

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I also made a comment on Nick's blog.

I know it will help many kids who are going through this with their love ones. It has to be so hard to relate to people who don't understand.

This is a great idea, Nick... good luck!

Maryanne :wink:

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I saw that my son, Jacob, has written on Nick's Blog. It's nice of Nick to offer to share his experiences with others his age.

I also noticed, that regardless of the fact that Jacob has been in a private school since kindergarten, that he left out all comma's, periods, question marks, capitol letters, etc!!!! :D:roll::wink:

That expensive tuition I've been paying all of these years, is money down the toilet, apparently!!!!

I couldn't help but laugh when I saw what he had written! He jumped right into a conversation about football! :D


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Nova -

Well, Nicks spelling and punctuation wasn't much better. Check out "me screename is" LOL!! But thats how they type on Myspace, etc. The fewer letters the better!!

Hope Jacob can contact Nick either by Myspace or IM'ing - Christine may be working on another way for kids to contact each other, also!!

Hope these two guys canstart a cyber-relationship with each other - I am sure it will do them both good!!

Patti B.

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