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Gratitude- December 6th 2007


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Thank you Pat,

Just grateful today that

I'm still alive and fighting.

I learned a lot about fighting

on this forum and I'm an adept

student, so the fight is on,

will try to get better and find

out what caused the thousands

of painful lumps I got on my head,

the swelling, the intense pain,

blurred vision and locked jaw.

The swelling is on the face the lumps

in my hair and eyebrows...I'm the one

that pointed that difference to the

doctors yesterday....now I have an idea

of what may have caused it, a medication

I started to take middle of November for

bone loss ''Sandoz'' Calcitonin NS

you inhale it by the nose.....

The medication may be OK but at the same

time I was on high doses of calcium and

Vit. D and to me the Vit. D was too much.

At the moment I will be under Dr. Myhal

supervision he is a rheumatologist that

I trust as much as the hospital do and

hope we unravel this new trouble.

So grateful in a way that my mind at least

was functionning clear and fast and that

I noticed that the first test done was on

my lungs.....when I kind of refused the x-ray

as not necessary the doctors told me that

each patient without a diagnostic is obliged

to have his lungs checked as the FIGHT FOR


My lungs are clear, so on with finding

what is wrong with my head.

Did not know that a swollen head could hurt

that much, will have to learn to be humble

from now on.

Have a good day, will be thinking of all

of you and I thank you for teaching me to




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Beautiful snowfall yesterday. Grateful that in the morning at 5am I leave for New York City for the weekend. Cant wait to get away and pretend that life is normal for a few days.

Dad has an appointment at Johns Hopkins this afternoon for x-rays, a brain MRI (hopefully, I requested this, but dad doesn't know it yet), and to FINALLY set up his treatment plan. I mean dx'd in August and in December still no treatment....ridiculous.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend and I will return on Monday. Pray for a safe bus trip for me.


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I too am grateful to see Jackie posting. Our Dear Jackie, I pray you will find some answers soon. Something simple and that can be treated with ease.

I'm grateful your x-ray was clear.

My prayers continue daily for you, even if I don't post them here daily. (((((JACKIE))))))

I know how hard it is to go through all this medical stuff & testings, and feel oh so poorly, my friend. :cry: I'm pulling of you. Get Well Prayers are coming your way.

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