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"Bev'sSister" Just a saying we have down here. Kinda like saying, Shame on you..but not really meaning it. :lol:

I see, sort of like saying "you're BAD" when you mean "you're awesome." I was going to say "terrific" but realized that's one too, coming from "terrificus" (frightening or frightful) but now having a positive connotation. Language sure is weird. Aloha,


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That cracked me up!!!!!!! :D:D:D

It reminds me of the time I called "AOL" customer service, and got "Raj", from India.. :shock:

We're talking "AMERICA" Online, guys!!!!!! I couldn't help it... I started laughing and asked the fellow if I had the right number. :D

Same thing happened when I called about my "American Express" card!!!!!!

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