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After 5 years of trying to organize an in-person support group in our community, an onoclogy nurse manager and an oncology director/head oncologist have gotten on board to have an in-person support group in my community.

In the past I have faced tremendous opposition from larger hospitals who want "general' support groups sponsored by the hospital....this one will be LUNG CANCER SPECIFIC and open to the public at large without the affiliations and politics that some of the other groups have attached.

There will be an event called FACING LUNG CANCER in Ft. Worth on January 22. We will introduce the lung cancer support group to the general public and have speakers (Dr./survivors/caregiver, etc..)

If anyone is interested in attending, please PM me for more information.

We are also looking for LC Survivors willing to speak about their LC Journey as well, so please contact me, I'd love for you to speak and I'd love to meet you face to face!

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Congratulations Katie on a job well done and over do! I know you have been working SO HARD for so long to put together an In Person Lung Cancer Support Group in your area. They are VERY LUCKY to have you a part of there Lung Cancer Support team. :wink: I know you'll do a GREAT JOB!

Here in Minnesota, We love our In Person Lung Cancer Support Group as well.


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Thanks everyone! BTW Tina, at my last meeting I was talking about you and how one of your goals was getting DVD players in the clinics. They LOVED that idea...since they are being so wonderful about starting a LC Group here and allowing me to be such a big part of it, I think I must raise some funds (or save up some money) to get a dvd player for each of their 13 chairs!!!

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