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Spanish Speakers? Please I need you.


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We were contacted today by a hospital in Chicago who have a newly dx. family who only speak Spanish.

They are in desperate need of support. If you are a spanish speaker (Survivors and/or caregivers) and you are willing to volunteer a little time to support and comfort these folks, please contact me.

*Remember how it was when you were first given the news and LC entered your life? It's so scary.

We really could use your help.

If you don't have a one-rate long distance service, I will mail you a calling card if you are serious about helping.

Thank you so much.

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Oh yikes, that poor family. :(

It's hard to imagine a language barrier on top of a new diagnosis.

My Spanish skills equal about 4 sentences, which include,

"Where is the bathroom", and "the cheese is old and moldy". Not a lot of help in this situation.

I hope we have someone here that can help.

My daughter's MIL speaks fluent Spanish, but she has no experience with cancer.

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Thanks for the support.

I can say all the Dora the Explorer words and a few *choice* words but that's it for me.

So far no one has contacted me. :shock:

On a message board of this size I would think someone could speak spanish and would want to help!!

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Thanks everyone.

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Bucky!! You are the best!!

**I removed your phone numbers from this public post for your own protection and for security!

I will pass along your information to that family. THank you SO SO MUCH!!!!!


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Katie -

I cannot imagine a family going through this. We all know how scary the beginning was and with the language barrier - WOW!!

My Spanish skills have a lot to be desired and I see that Bucky will be able to help out in that regard. I have been on-line looking for Spanish to English Medical dictionaries and have found quite a few. Don't know how good they are but I would be willing to donate the money to buy them one if they do not already have one.

Let me know - call it a Christmas present to another member of this "club".

Hugs to All - Patti B.

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