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How many times have you done this?


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I was at the attorney's office yesterday and he was telling me about a close friend of his that died from SCLC back in 1995. He said her first name and I thought that I knew who he was talking about but I didn't want to pry anymore. As I walked out, I thought: I'll ask Mom if the person I am thinking about died of lung cancer. Whew...I'm sure that will happen alot huh? And when I go back to my house, I'm sure I'll pick up the phone to call her.

It hurts so bad. It's the second Thursday I have had without her and less than three weeks til a holiday that she loved.

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I was riding in a car the other day and saw something interesting out the window. I turned to tell my husband about it, then realized just in time that I was with my brother. No more car rides for me and hubby.

It happens. And it sucks.

Wishing you peace during this difficult time.

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I do this all the time too. I used to call mom all the time when the kids would do something new or funny. Shortly after she died I did actually pick up the phone to call her once, but stopped before dialing. At the funeral my brother saw a flower arrangement from his high school class. He later told me his first thought was, "I have to show this to mom." It is just such a normal thing to want to share everything with her. She would always have such a big reaction to everything so it was so much fun to tell her. Gosh, how I miss her.


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I want to tell Rod something or ask him how to do something then remember, I have to do it myself. I do go ahead and tell him things tho, it makes me feel close to him.

My kitchen lights aren't working properly so my chiropracter said he would come and fix them!!! I am truly blessed to have good friends around to help me. Two guys looked at them and didn't know what to do, but Dr. and I know what is wrong, I just can't get to the part that needs replacing.

Have a good time at the pub this weekend '8)'


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First let me say that I am very sorry for the loss of your beloved mom. I really know how you feel, and I'm just so sorry.

I remember those first several months, catching myself when I would think I need to tell her something. It's like a knife in your heart. A "new normal" as people on this board have said before...but not a normal we ever dreamed of.

Sending comforting thoughts your way tonight...

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