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Antibiotics making Mom throw up?

Guest Piermarie

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Guest Piermarie

My mother, who has been doing well on the Iressa since end of Sept., caught a cold a couple of weeks ago. I ended up taking her to the dr's last week to have her checked and to get the flu and pneumonia vaccines. Not only did she get the vaccines but found out that she had an ear infection (no fever) and is now on Levaquin, an antibiotic. She has been on it three days and hasn't been able to keep anything down. She was also given a prescription Sudafed and had taken that the first day too. She hadn't taken it again since she thought that is what made her throw up. Has anyone had this reaction to an antibiotic?

She had been feeling so good with the Iressa and hadn't had to take anything else. To see her not keep food down is bothersome. Her family dr., who she called yesterday, told her to keep taking the antibiotic. Should I also check with the oncologist?

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I have to tell you, I had a bad reaction to levaquin, I got dizzy and had wierd dreams, walked into walls. The MD changed my antibiotic after 5 days.

Hope your mom feels better.

You could tell the doctor she simply cannot tolerate this antibiotic, and request that he prescribe something else. I would.


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