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Need Your Prayers, Please


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Prayers on the way Ann. please hang in there, I know how difficult this can be. My previous job was awfull for me. Career wise going nowhere, hated what they had me doing, blah blah blah. basically, It was making everything WAY worse, if that's possible. It just added a million more minutes of stress. I thought I was stuck there for a while as Col continued her battle, just so that we would have health care and one of us a job etc, and I thought switching jobs would be even tougher, may not be able to get health care, would the money be right etc. Then, one day out of the blue, a very good friend called me. Her BF was lookiing to hire a tax person. Next thing you know, everything fell into place and boom there I was. Happy then ever in my professional life. Bottom line is just when it seems bad, something will come along and work out JUST RIGHT. Hang in there, we're thinking of you.

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My prayers go out to you. You know what they say about when one door closes another door opens. I struggled for a year unemployed and am still catching up this year on the past year's bills. But in God's timing I found a great job. I had to keep telling myself that all though during that time it was hard it and very, very difficult - it was all part of the master plan to where I ended up. Keep the faith - you will find something and be much happier.

Best to you-


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