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Gratitude - December 8th 2007


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The start of the week end,

I'm grateful today for those

two days of rest we get each


We call them days of rest but

usually they are filled with

all the work we were unable to

do during the week.

I will find some time for myself

to enjoy the mild weather and the

sunny sky.

Have a good weekend.


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I have been fighting my weight since Brian died. Guess I am eating my way (weigh) through my grief.

I am grateful that today I am going to be proactive w/ regard to not trying to fill up this big empty hole w/ food. I am headed to grocery to stock up on veggies and fruit.

NO ICE CREAM The very best comfort food/but really NO COMFORT in the end.

Weekend hugs and warmth for my family here.



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YEA! It is Saturday!

It's misty, foggy, cold here which gives me a good excuse to lay around in bed with a book and a long nap.....Of course, my Estee dog is my 'you cannot lay around all day' alarm clock and impolitely nudges me when the nap has exceeded her definition of reasonable.....

I'm drinking some hot cocoa with holiday music playing.....I invite you to join me....

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