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Coping with Humor


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Hi all,

Well, Mom finished round 2 of her chemo this week and she has a CT scan on Friday to see how the chemo's working and if the tumor has shrunk enough to start radiation. I have to say to those of you who reassured me while we were waiting for official dx, etc. (less than two months ago! it feels like a lifetime ago), that was the worst part and we would begin to settle in to a new norm after we had a treatment plan - you were right!

One thing that I didn't necessarily expect - we have been doing a lot of laughing! We find humor in just about everything. Here are a few examples:

- Mom's prescription for a wig - 'upper cranial prostetic'. What?!?! :shock:

- Looking on line at hats, mom reads 'made of a cotton/lyrica blend...' Mom, it's Lycra! (Lyrica is a med she takes for face pain - we chalked it up to chemo brain!) :P

- We laugh at chemo a lot. Especially the day I took her and she was in a pod (with multiple chairs in one large room) for the first time - after she'd had private rooms the two days before. She was playing the part of chemo diva very well - 'POD? What is this POD? Where is the bathroom? I pee a lot during chemo. I have to go into the HALLWAY to get to the bathroom?!' 8) And a lot of times we're talking and laughing with the folks around us (when we're in a pod). It's actually a good time! Mom makes it fun.

I wanted to share (I hope the humor of the stories comes through in the written word - I'd prefer to use body language and facial expressions!) and ask, what has been funny or how have you used humor/laughter to cope through the LC journey?

And to give some hope to those just starting out - there are light, fun times ahead, mixed in with the other. At least for me, it was all so heavy and dark in the beginning - not knowing - and this is definitely a rollercoaster. But I felt compelled to share the 'lighter side' this morning!

Any other humor stories out there?

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I believe you have to laugh. My family has found humor has helped us many times. I will share one of many.

We were on the way home from a radiation appointment which is about 45 minutes away. It was nice so we had the windows down. We couldn't figure out what was flying around the car. FInally my mom said "It's my hair!!"

Please note that this was something my mom wanted control over, so we had decided when it started to really come out we would shave it.

She looked me straight in the face and said "I'll just stick my head out the sunroof and by the time we get home it will be taken care of!"

This was the first time we really laughed since this roller coaster ride had started. From that point on we find humor whenever we can.

Prayers and Laughter go out to your family,

Stay positive,


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I HAVE to laugh ~ to survive, and it's very healthy to do so, from what I've read! (Not at inappropriate times, of course) :oops: .

My husband is kind of a "Stuffy old Yankee" type of guy, :wink: but even HE makes jokes about the mess we're in, thanks to lung cancer.

When I asked him what he wanted for Christmas this year, he said a "one-toothed comb", to be able to keep his one hair looking tidy. :roll:

(This is from a man that had the thickest head of hair I've ever seen, before Chemo).

I think you and your Mom are wonderful. God Bless you both!

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You guys are awesome.

Brian used to say how relieved he was that he no longer had to worry about his cholesterol.

He had lost his right hand in 2000 in a work accident. When the neuropathy got really bad he used to tell his onc that he couldn't even feel his hook.

some days we even played:

The Good

The Bad


The funny.

Each tells something good about the day, something bad about the day and something funny about the day. It really helped the grandkids understand Grandpa's situation.

and me too.



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We tended to fall into the "disturbed funny" catagory of humor when we really got to laughing...

Mom was going for round-two of the bald look and had my brother shaving off the stubble so it was smooth (the stubble hurt, she said) and when we looked at the picture we started laughing. She had the white shaving cream on her head and a light blue towel around her shoulders and she looked like the Pope sitting at Mass!! (My grandparents are now rolling over in their graves! :lol: ) But it still makes me laugh!

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I have so many favorite humor stories I can't recall them all if it wasn't for that Col and I would have lsot our minds by now. My favortie to date was one I relayed before, but i'll say it again.

COl and I were at 50th bday party for my friends wife. The youngest couple there by about 20 years, we found a little corner near the beer and just hung out and chit chatted with one another and anyone brave enough to talk to us. In typical Col fashion, she was lookin super cute, and wearing nothing but her crew cut. The hosts introduced us to another couple, about the hundreth people they introduced us to, and we shook hands. when col shook the other woman's hand, the woman said, my Colleen your hands are cold, why are they so cold. well, I just started giggling uncontrollably and had to run to the beer coller to grab another one just not to embarass anyone. Colleen, bald and beautiful, simply responded it's becasue i'm holding this soda I jsut got out of the ice. When I returned, Col asked me what was so funny. I said that I thought it was brave of the woman to make a perfectly innocent observation to a bald woman about having cold hands. How funny would it have been if you would have just screamed as loud as you could, BECAUSE I HAVE CANCER YOU MORON. WHAT DID YOU THINK I WAS BALD FOR FUN. IT'S BECAUSE I HAVE CANCER. Well, she too thought it just as funny and we laughed about it the entire night. You really had to be there, but our sick sense of humor has gotten us through a lot. If I ask her right now why her hands are cold that's the response I'll get. TOO FUNNY.

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