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Gratitude - December 9th 2007


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the day that starts

the week.

Grateful that this morning

I was able for the first time

in one week to read some of the

posts in the forum.

Grateful for the shoulders offered

to me during that time and the wishes

and prayers that helped me go through

the first week of December, a month that

I was looking towards so much.

So will make the most I can during this day

to live up to some of the expectations I had.

Have a good day and enjoy it as much as

you can while it is here, tomorrow it will

be another ''yesterday'' and you won't be

able to make up for it.

Thank you to be there for me.


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grateful to be able to read old posts that make me think of other days and better days and that I have not fallen into a bottle and got lost with all my friends here!!!

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I'm SO thankful that I made it thru school, and am now finished with it. The week of clinicals at the nursing home, almost "did me in". (I'm not at all fond of nursing homes). :(

Now I just have to make an appt. to take the State test, pass it, and I'll be set to go back to work.

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I am grateful for my two little cherubs.... even if they did wake me up at 5 a.m. this morning.

I am grateful for the snow coming down and no place that I need to go. That cheered me up even when I was feeling grumpy.

I am grateful for my stubborness. It gets me through a lot.

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