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Hi, my name is Lori and I will be 57 yrs old on 1/3/08.

I recently had a spiral cat scan of my chest and it showed various nodules (non-calcified). The findings were: " A 3 mm subpleural nodule in the lateral aspect of the left lower lobe. Two non calcified nodules in the right middle lobe measuring 2-3mm. A2-3mm and and 8mm nodule in the right lower lobe. Mild scarring in the lingula. No focal consolidation or pleural effusion.

No hilar,mediastinal or axillary lymphadenopathy. No pericardial effusion. heart and thoracic aorta of normal size. No abnormality of liver or spleen. Adrenal glands are normal in size and morphology. The bone window demonstrates no blastic or lytic lesion.

My dad died of lung cancer at age 45, both my grandfathers died of cancer (one pancreatic one of the throat) My uncle died of liver cancer. My dad's mom died of Tuberculosis in the 1920's.

I have had a sore throat for a month, had a cold or the flu (or so I thought) short of breath and very poor performance two lung capacity tests. Was put on Advair. Now after this ct scan the Dr. put me on Cheratussin AC Syrup Qua every 6 hrs. and Doxycycline 100 MG. Capsules 2X a day for 7 days. He did a Tuberculosis test and it came out negative. (He told me to take my films of the CT scan and the report and see a Lung Specialist (Pulmunologist).

The TB test could be a false/negative. I do work with patients all the time. I only smoked from age 23 to 29. I am perplexed !

I have an appt. to see the pulmonologist in 3 days. Anyone have any comments? All comments are welcome! (Oh, I do have a sore throat that doesn't subside and cough if I laugh a little too hard. As I said, short of breath with lots of effort to speak. HELP ! LORI :roll:

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Welcome Lori-

I am glad you found our board. I will tell you that many times people have come here scared that they have lung cancer and find it is something else -- I wish that for you too. I think at this point you just need to wait and find out what the specialist thinks. Please come back and tell us how your appointment goes.


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Hi Lori and Wecome. Those are pretty tiny nodules. I wonder if maybe the pulmonologist will suggest "waiting and watching?" I think they're too small for a needle biopsy and may be too small for a PET scan to be useful. They could be nothing at all - or at least none of the things you think they might be. Maybe the pulmonologist will suggest other things that might be causing your shortness of breath. Hope it's not cancer. Please let us know how your pulmonologist visit goes.


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Hi, Lori:

I agree with Rochelle and Muriel, and would just add this:

Since the rest of your CT scan was quite good, and especially since there's no pleural effusion to cause your shortness of breath, I find it hard to believe that a few little nodules could be causing the symptoms you're having. Unless you have an earlier CT scan for comparison, it's possible they've been there for years. We have a number of "nodule watchers" in the group, and some of them may chime in soon.

I hope the pulmonologist can narrow this down and ensure that you're on the best treatment for whatever it is that you have. Aloha,


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How is your voice? I went slowly hoarse, which in turn made breathing difficult beause I couldn't talk good and struggled to be heard. My left cord was parrallazed from presser. I had a injection in it on Jan. 31, that was to last about 3 months. To this day I can still speack well, Praise The Lord. Prayers for all of us and thanks givings. Liz

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Hi Lori!

I'm sorry I missed this...Hopefully by now you have received some reassuring info from the pulmonologist. I am a nodule watcher, and have been for almost 3 years. I'll echo what has been said here - they could be MANY things, as well as cancer, and most of those are too tiny to do anything about OTHER than watch :roll: although PET may be useful for the 8mm nodule. Again, you probably have a plan in place by now.

So, I'll just extend a welcome and my BEST wishes for a good outcome whatever it may be. I'll be keeping fingers crossed that the doxycycline will work and clear those li'l "boogers" right outta there!! :wink: Please feel free to PM if ya need to!

Yours in HOPE!!


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