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Has anyone else experienced this problem .....


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I have been NED for the last 4 1/2 years. As we all know, with the first sign of trouble, we get the feeling that something is not right. For about 6 or 8 months now I have noticed a difference in myself. This is hard to explain but I will try. If the least little thing seems to go wrong I get terribly upset. If I am washing the dishes, I get emotional for fear that I am about to drop a plate. Thanksgiving dinner I got so tense cutting the turkey I had to just quit. My wife had to fix my plate because I was shaking so bad. This is totaly out of the ordinary for me. Yesterday, I could not find the cordless phone and I lost it. I got so upset that my wife had to walk me to the sofa. Am I making any sense at all. Am I borrowing trouble or is there a real problem? Hope I don't sound like a loon-a-tic here. Thanks for listening to me.

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Oh geez Bruce, do you really want to ask that question on this board. From our experience, I'll add my two opinions, and God I pray it's the first one. Could just simply be chemo brain causing the issues. second, and I am praying as I type that this is not the case, but it could be a brain met. YOu know how we are, always thinnking the worst. Colleen was SEVERElY emotional for months leading up to her DX and had become another person. Please look into it, as it will set our minds at ease that this is not the case. i wish I could sugar coat it, but I can't, and if it gets you to the doctor for a MRI, then I'm fine with that. And when you write us all and tell us it was nothing, we'll be even happier. We wish you all the best, and I'm sure this is nothing, and pray you get back to "normal" soon.

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It's scary, and I think just about everyone here, (Caregivers too), gets the "heebie-jeebies" when anything out of the ordinary happens.

My very unprofessional guess, would be anxiety attacks. It sounds too much like what I went thru myself, when my husband first got diganosed.

Best to go talk to the doctor and find out. It's much better then waiting for it to get worse, regardless of what it is.

The nice thing is, that if you find out it's anxiety, it can be fixed so easily, and you'll feel so much better.

Let us know.


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I love that word.................I am officially steeling it as my own.

Brian had periods much like you describe. His doc checked for Brain mets and progression and when none found at that time prescribed


It changed his everyday life for the better by over a million times.

Hope your answer is quick and clear and easy.




L A T Pat

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Well, Bruce, you have definitely given me something to think about real hard. Sort of what you are talking about is happening to me as well. I won't EVEN try to explain how over the edge I've gotten these past few weeks. To ME these 'outbursts' of emotions were warranted, but I have never reacted in this manner EVER before. Let me just say I have written a couple of not very nice emails to corporate headquarters of places of business........VERY out of character for me. That's just one example. Another was a breakdown concerning Christmas tree lights. Another had to do with purchsing gifts for grandchildren. Oh the list goes on and on. These seem to be totally out of my control.

Now my scans come up right after the first of the year. My doc told me last time that since this visit will be 3 years since surgery it is a big one. If I get a clean report my survival rate goes way up. I am FREAKING over this. What if they aren't clean? What if? What if? What if? I seem to have lots of 'stuff' going on with me and that makes me worry.

So.......in a nutshell, Bruce, I'm right there with you and worried like nobody's business. Let's wish each other good luck!


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Have to with Pat,

Mike had attacks when

all was smooth a minute

and the next all was a shamble

for small ordinarly things.

Answer Ativan 1mg, that could

be cut in two for a mild or a

strong reaction.

It saved a lot of situations.

The last week they gave him the

one that melt under the tongue.

Have it check before the end of the

month and you could have a

Good Christmas without breaking the

dishes and even fill all the plates

and your own for a feast.


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I agree with the others here. Check with your doc to make sure there isn't something physical happening. But this could be 'generalized anxiety.' It strikes without warning for reasons we can't explain. I hope this is the case for you as it is a pretty easy fix - a benzodiazipine like Ativan could be of great help.

Please don't wait on this...see your doc as soon as you can.

All my best to you.


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Sorry for the anxiety you are going through. :roll: I would take the advice of some one here and check with your doctor. It may be time for some Ativan... I could make a world of difference for you.

Kasey, maybe you should check that out also.

Let us know Bruce what you decide to do, but if it continues do something, there are medications out their to help you.


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No you are not a lunatic! You are a cancer survivor trying your best to survive the emotional overload and superdrain that this disease puts on its survivors. How do I know that? Because I am doing/have done the same thing. Actually I am a bit relieved when I read posts like yours-cause then I know that it is not 'just me'. The first thing you need to do is to check with your doctor to make sure your concerns are not cancer. I have been so terrified and so scared even with my NED status. The reason I think is the big 'what if' is out there and it can change your life forever in just a sentence. Most days I am okay. Then there are days that I get a cold or a cough or a muscle ache in my back. Or I read on our site where someone has passed and their stage and signature are so very similar to mine. I did not want the anti-anxiety medication at first because I thought it was just a way for me not to know what was 'really' happening and that I would not recognize how sick I truly was. I have gotten better. Now those feeling kind of come and go. I take the ativan when I feel that I need it. I had a lipoma to grow on my abdomen. I just knew it was cancer. Why else would what looks like a soft fleshy mass grow on a lung cancer survivor. Well it was just a lipoma and it let me know to get my butt up and do some exercising. Take care and be kind to yourself and when you see the need, remind me too.


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Hi Bruce

Resistely I have been having anxiety attacks for no reason (clean 4 yrs.)and have never had them before. I'v talked to survivors and they all agree it's like post tramatic syndrome. I know I was on auto pilot through the six months of all the crap I went through. I had all the test and I'm fine. I think the mind take time to relax and deal w/ everything, but I definitely would tell your Dr.

Good luck and take care.

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Bruce, I too think it is panic attacks, look at all you have had to deal with in 4 1/2 years, sometimes

things just come to a head. Heck I lose things all the time since chemo, I could get up right now to go

get or do something and get to the kitchen and forget what the he... I got up for, start to go back and sit down and remember what it was. Yes I spend most of my day walking from room to room HA HA. Stress and anxiety can make us feel out of the norm. but do mention it to your doctor, I have and was told it was chemo brain.

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Let me start off by saying I think any cancer survivor would be prone to anxiety or anxiety attacks. Some perfectly normal people with perfectly normal lives have them for no reason. Anyone going through any kind of trauma such as cancer would be lucky NOT to have them. Also, there could be physical reasons, unrelated to cancer, that could cause anxiety as well. I was diagnosed hypothyroid just over a year ago and with that came tremendous anxiety. Not anxious about the diagnosis, just had to pace the floors constantly and had days that anxiety was high for NO reason and when the slightest thing went wrong I would fly off the handle. Some days I could not drive and it was even hard to ride in a car with someone else. It did get better when my meds were optimized.

People who have radiation and chemo are at a greater risk of having issues with your thyroid. And if your labs are not optimal you will have symptoms, such as anxiety. And being 'in range' is not always optimal for everyone. Its a complicated process.

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I'm thinking its time for a trip to Dollywood. It may just be Dolly withdrawal you're going through.

Seriously, I am hoping you saw your doctor and all is well. Could be that you're gettign closer to that 5 year mark and you got some emotions playing with you.

Now why would I think that? tick tock tick tock :shock:

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