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I know it's been a while.....and


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Hi Everyone,

Cancer strikes again, I just put my dog to sleep Saturday, she had a bleeding tumor. I had not idea, she never showed any signs, she was fine until Friday. And on top of everything I was feeling at little depressed because my moms two year anniversary is coming up and with the holidays coming up you know......

I know this is nothing comparing to the lost of a dear one, but it stills hurts I had her for 13 years she was my first baby, I have that sick feeling in my stomac. I am still in shock it happened so fast. i know this is a difficult time for all of us. I hope that our dear ones with give us the strength to get through the holidays. I am doing better but there isn't one moment that I don't think about my mom and i wish she was here right know.

take care!


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This is certainly NOT nothing.

I am so sorry for your loss

Our pets are family and losing them hurts ~ a lot.

I have a new pup since Bri died, but I still cry for my pets who have passed:







I have happy visions of Brian romping about with them now.

Hugs, honey.


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I certainly understand how the loss of one of our lovable pets can rock our world. We lost our dear Kodi-dawg, also to a huge open tumor from a breast cancer recurrance, in August. She was pushing 16. I try to console myself that she was in heaven ahead of my husband to greet him upon his arrival in October. I like that thought. You know your dear pup is being loved by your Mom right now.

Many hugs,


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Martha, I think losing a pet is no less traumatic than losing a human member of the family, and anyone who doesn't understand just doesn't love them the way we do. It's especially hard if the decision to have them put to sleep is ours alone to make -- at that point their lives are totally in our hands.

We've lost three in that way, most recently our precious golden retriever Hannah (in the photo) this past February. So far I've mustered up the courage to be there with them when the vet administers the injection. Without exception they've gazed deep into my eyes as if to say, "I'm not exactly sure what's about to happen, but I completely trust you to do the right thing." I make certain to take care of any fees in advance, because I know that as soon as it's over I'll be heading out to the car unable to see through the tears.

My condolences and Aloha,


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I cried when I read your post,

just thinking of all the pets

we had and they all went before

my husband died.....at least they

were waiting for him.

The last dog Happy had many heart

attacks, we did not know as she

was having them while Mike was

getting his daily radiotherapy, we

found out the day Mike had forgotten

his hospital card and we turned

around and we got home as she was

having one, we took care of the

dog and postponed the radiotherapy

to the next day.

Martha, sorry for your loss.



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