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bone mets in mom


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Mom is facing a new challenge. She has had shoulder pain for the last few weeks, finally had it xrayed. The radiologist concluded that it looked like cancer. She'll need a bone scan to confirm.

I am wondering if any of you have had experience with lc spreading to the bones. I need to know how to help her, what to expect, etc.

If any of you can offer some help and advice I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,


mom-dx November 2006

Age 55, Stage IV NSCLC Adenocarcinoma

Previous Treatments:

Cisplatin/Taxotere plus Avastin

Avstin alone


Currently on Tarceva

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This is a starte for Info THis was posted In our Resident Oncologists Forum Re: Bone mets and LC Click on link to be redirected;

http://onctalk.com/2007/02/17/bone-meta ... roduction/

This si Probably the most Common treatment Link I can find right now..

http://www.us.zometa.com/info/index.jsp ... 9009983209

Saying Prayers and will look some more

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My mom has/had bone mets. Initially she had radiation to help with the intense pain. Thankfully that helped ease it some in about a week and by the end of the radiation treatments the pain was gone. She is now given an infusion of Zometa on a rotating schedule. Hope that helps some.


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Colleen has bone mets as well. Initially they did nothing outside of the chemo and radiation for them, but then again, they weren't really causing any pain. No that she's on Tarceva, she gets Zometa once a month. The reality for us has been that since they are just "there" and not really causing any additional pain or problems, we pretty much ignore them. Best of luck.

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My mom has had bone mets since the start (Feb 06) - she has been on a cycle of Zometa (once a month) - my understanding is that it is the only thing they have for bone mets with lung cancer. She is in pain, but is still functioning fine. She has them on her spine/ribs/hips and spleen. Best of luck to you.

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Hi Carrie,

I am a little late in posting :)

I did have a met to my spine and pelvis bone two years ago. The mets were causing some pain and I had radiation directly to those two areas for 10 days. I started taking Avastin - every 3 weeks for a year, zometa (bone strengthener) every 6 weeks for a year and took Tarceva daily for the past 2 years.

The mets disappeared totally 6 weeks after the start of my treatment. As of today, I have no evidence of any other cancer/mets.

I hope they are able to get relief for your moms pain.


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