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Gratitude - December 11th 2007


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Tuesday and we will

get snow later in the day.

Grateful today to wake up

feeling near my OLD (in word and age)


Was very disconnected for a month

and only getting my toes on earth

(need boots today)

Grateful I have at least my right

thumb working well and that Thrusday

I MAY (weather) get the left one done.

DR. Myhal hates winter and snow so

cancelled appointments are normal during

the winter....Thursday is his last day

of work till middle of January so he may

be there.

Lumps on my head gone, vision coming back,

mood also, my jaw is back in working order

and the pain is gone, so what more can I ask for???????????

than good news for all members of this board

and happy times for all.

Have a good day,


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I'm grateful that Jackie is feeling better!

Grateful that maybe my DH will be home today--flights have been cancelled here the last two days, and he's been living in a bad movie, trying to get home since Sunday. I miss him.

Grateful for another snow day around the house--though I really should get something done here. Yesterday was a day for relaxation. That was good too!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


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Just won a WII on E-bay!!! GRATEFUL I can stop pounding the streets, just to be told at every store that they are sold out. My kiddo will have a happy X'Mas morning after all. Hunter is 14 but still looks forward to getting that one big present from "Santa". I am getting a little tired of the "fat" guy getting all the credit. lol :lol::lol::wink:


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