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A Message From DICK BENSON

Connie B

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Dear Dick, I have put your message in a new THREAD of it's own. You had posted this message with someone elses and I did not want this message to be over looked.




Dick Benson

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Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2007 8:07 am Post subject:

Seeing where a lot of you folks have been on Ativan. I was perscribed this and after reading the Phamacology on it am real reluctant to utilize it until I am reassured from doctors as to the resultant after/side effects. My medical records clearly show a) I have COPD b)am on Perkaset spelling ???? and with the perscription written by a doctor who, in my opinion, did not read the records for the previous perscriptions or the COPD and in haste just perscribed this to take care of the anxiety I am experiencing. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.



7/15/07 Coughing up blood

7/17/07 Called VA Medical Center, Dayton Ohio was told to get to the ER

Went to ER and had chest x-ray showing suspicious mass in rt lung. Asked doctor what it was and he said until proved otherwise, "Lung Cancer" Knocked me over with a feather

7/18/07 Had ct scan which indicated the mass to be cancer

7/30/07 Pet performed and resulted in high uptake

8/10/07 Had to get clearance from Cardiologist to have bronc scope performed due to past medical history and presence of COPD.

8/12/07 Was required to elevate the cardiology dept to get clearance.

8/20/07 First bronc scope performed through the right nostril. (Very uncomfortable)

Results of liquid and brushings was negative. No tissue could be taken due to location of tumor (wrapped around the pulmanary artery and bronc tube) Test result was inconclusive and a recommendation was made for further testing

My case was turned over to a Thorasic Surgery Team for further tests.

8/25/07 Another bronc scope was scheduled under anathesia and cardiac clearance was required once again. This time cardiology would require a stress test and cardiac cath prior to anathetic. Nucleur (sp) said the soonest the chemically induced stress test could be scheduled was 11/23/07. I told cardiology that was "Highly Unacceptable" Elevated dept again and the stress test was performed 3 days later. Stress test and cardiac cath indicated an adnormality in the arteries (possible blockage) Head of cardiology said all the test for the biopsy of the tumor was way more important that a 35% blockage and he cleared me for any type of procedure necessary

Had major biopsy surgery and final dx was IIIB NSCLC

11/19 Started radiation

11/21 first chemo, got a lot of pain from it and was fatigued from radiation. Radiation to continue 5 days per week for 8 weeks and chemo once a week for 6 weeks.

11/26 4th radiation and still fatigued.

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Anxiety is exactly what it is prescribed for, but sometimes also to help with nausea following chemo. (Which I never understood.) My husband also had emphysema and really bad lungs, on oxygen 24/7, and had no trouble when he needed to take an ativan on occasion. They won't affect your breathing ability at all, but they will help you to chill-out.


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It might not be a bad idea to consult your pharmacist regarding any concerns regarding contraindications with other meds. Drugs are their specialty and should be able to put your mind at ease.

My husband took Xanax (a similar benzodiazipine) while on Oxycontin. The Xanax wasn't always needed and was prescribed in low enough doses so as not to interfere with his pain medication. (However, he did not have COPD).

Hope this helps.

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