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Sunday our son, Jeff, called and asked how I was doing. Since I'd been crying all the time I was in Walmart and just got home, I said, "Not to well". He said he bet his day was worse. His Ford F250 pickup was stolen':twisted:' out of the parking lot while he was at the movies with his hoping-she'll-become-his- girlfriend. He lives in Phoenix. The policeman told him there is a theft ring in that area, 100 vehicles have been stolen from that parking lot in the past year and one was returned,it had lo-jack.

He has his loan at our small bank in Hickman so they will let him stop payments for awhile, he has full coverage on insurance, and it is worth more than he paid for it. I think he would be absolutely furious, if he hadn't had to learn quickly what is important in life, having lost his dad so recently. There are good things we see after the loss of our loved ones, and priorities changing for the better are one of them. Jeff is going to buy a Honda Civic but plans to also replace the Ford. And we have always been a GM family!!!


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Yup, nothing like a death in the family to totally change perspectives huh? I find little windows being opened and mind shifts for my family all the time since Tony passed. It's interesting to watch.

Hoping weather is okay for you in Nebraska. It's icy here today. Again...

Take care Barb and if I'm ever in a Nebraska Walmart and see a crying woman, I'll know it's you! :wink:


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Priorities, priorities, priorities... My how they change. It seems like I am living an entirely different life since dad was dx'd. So many people have said they can see a difference in me, even people that still don't know about dad. I still haven't told anyone I work with. My girlfriend told me while we were out to dinner this past weekend in New York City that she could tell that I have "let the wall down". I told her that I have learned that life is too short...live life everyday as if it is your last so you will not have any regrets.

As for crying the whole time you were in Wal-Mart...well I have been crying everytime I leave a store and they tell me that they are sold out of WII's. Thank goodness I just won one on e-bay, so I can quit pounding the streets!!!!!

And I won't hold that GM thing against you either, being I am a Ford person all the way!!! lol :wink:

Good to hear from you Barb and I hope that all goes well with your sons vehicle.


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