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Blood Results in, not yet discussed


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Hi everyone

Prefaced with a thanks for your continued attention to my questions as a family member with suspicions and a husband reluctant to get medical attention -- My intro post goes over all the scary symtoms and as I updated a couple weeks ago - with your help I got my husband's psychiatrist to order blood labs.

I got a call that his labs were "normal" but I asked for a copy and many things are out of range. The psych dr ordered the labs to look at Liver Function due to some meds and history of drinking - those are onthe high end of normal but what is out of range is worrisome (below) -- Can any of you shed light on whether these are significant amounts? We dont have our appointment to discuss these with the Dr until next Tuesday.

Again -- thank you so much, I know I am technically an interloper on this site but I am very much alone in this situation and your input is more help than you know...

Here is what is out of range:

White Blood Cell 13.0 (3.8-10.8 normal)

Red Blood Cell 4.13 (4.20-5.8 normal)

Hemoglobin 9.0 (13.2-27.1 normal)

Hematocrit 28.1 (38.5-50 normal)

MCV 67.9 (80-100 normal)

MCH 21.7 (27-33 normal)

RDW 20 (11-15 normal)

absolute neutrophils 10010 (1500-7800 normal)

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Again, none of us are doctor's here. Your best bet is to talk to Dr. West. www.onctalk.com

It would be so nice if you could complete your PROFILE for us, so we know what kind of cancer your husband has and what kind of treatments, etc., etc. It's very hard to keep track of everyone here until we get to know you much better. By completing your PROFILE it allows us to help you better.

Best wishes.

Connie B

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first, like was said above, not a dr. but i am a phd toxicologist and i deal with numbers like this but only in lab animals. :) so take it for what it is worth.

what i would do is call the dr back and talk to him. say that you realize that the liver function tests may have been normal, but that the red blood cells are low and the white blood cells are high (indicative of some anemia and perhaps infection) and ask the dr if he doesn't think that these deserve some follow-up.

when you get results like these, the numbers you are given as "normal" will vary some, from lab to lab. as normal to each lab may be a bit different. but some of those numbers are far enough off of normal that i would want to talk to the dr and have some follow-up. i know though that your husband doesn't seem to want to do anything about this and there isn't much you can do on your own. but i would at least talk to the dr about the low red blood cell parameters and the high white blood cell ones.

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I know what you're trying to do...I did it with my Dad. Desperately trying to get them to get medical help. My Dad was the same way and we did get him to have labs once drawn and they were abnormal and that lead him to go to the doc--finally and only one that he knew and picked. That doc got him to go to the right kind.

The lab results that you posted are only from his CBC which does show as stated about slight anemia and a possible infection. The chemistry values would indicate liver funtion and other organ function.

Best of luck to you. I know how it is.

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thanks - yes that's exactly it.

the psych doctor actually called on friday night and said he had given the labs to an internist who said no way should someone in their 30s have numbers like that and insisted he see an internist for more tests and a colonoscopy within the week- luckily my regular doctor is an internist at a good hospital and he squeezed him in -- we see him Tuesday and I don't think my husband will back out since I and his Dr are insisting pretty hard.

Luckily the new psychiatrist is a very good man who said if my husband tries to back out he will be available for emergency session to talk to him and make sure he goes in...

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