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His name was Ricky Bill and we were in 2nd grade. He would walk me home every day after school and carry my books for me (my son thought that was pretty gay). In our backyard we had an ingroud pool and in the fall my dad would put a cover on it but it had an opening by the steps so us kids could go inside - we called it our "igloo". Me and Ricky were in there playing and he kissed me!! And of course my brother saw and went running in the house to tell my mom!!

What is your favorite restaurant??

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When I was in my twenties, I was stopped at a red light and some girl pulling one of those small UHauls rammed into me and threw me through the intersection. My trunk was in my back seat, my back seat was with me up front. Luckily, I only fractured a couple of ribs and had a concussion.

Apparently, she didn't realize you had to allow for extra stopping time pulling that weight - DUH!!!

Artifical or real Christmas tree??

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My Mom was trying to escape from my alcoholic father when I was young, so we moved constantly--in the country for a while, in town for a while.

My favorite was living in the country, where we got to keep our horses and other animals.

Would you rather drive or fly ?

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Phobias? Hahahahahaha -- Which one? If I'm going somewhere in a car, I have to be the one driving. Been this way since I was pregnant. (Maybe that's more of a control freak issue!)

(Patti -- Over the roll is the right way, in my humble opinion, but we had the same issues here too! Men are upside down. :lol: )

What is your favorite hobby?

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The scent would be something woodsy or maybe a Yankee candle/sage & citrus. During the holidays I lite the apples/cinnamon or just simmer cloves and cinnamon on the stove. Brings back fond memories.

What is your favorite state out West? or maybe just your favorite destination?

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I know I should be saying something altruistic here, but I can't lie. I'd buy a modest home.

Next I would donate to a cause that was close to mine and Joe's heart.

Did you ever go skitching when you were a kid? (Skitching is when you sneak up behind a moving vehicle in the snow, grab on to the bumper, and go for ride)

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