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I would interview my G-G-G-Grandma, (on my father's side), and My G-G-Grandma on my mother's side. They were both Indian women. I think it would be neat to hear all about their lives and the memories of when they were little girls, etc.

Speaking of genealogy....

How far back have you traced your family tree?

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Depends what you mean as a child. In my pre-teen years I got in the most trouble for boycotting the science fair in the 4th grade. In NYC, each child did a science project. A winner from each class was selected. These projects would then be displayed in the auditorium to determine the school winner, then district, etc. In 3rd grade I won for my class for my terrarium. Well, they KILLED IT when it was moved to the auditorium. :shock:

The next year I told all the kids that the school had no respect for our efforts and hard work. We should boycott doing projects. Anyone that did do a project would get whooping from me!!! :twisted: Yeah, well I got the whooping when my parents found out. :oops:

When you really want to relax, what do you do?

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