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Update on my husband

mary colleen

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Well, we've been going along quietly for a couple of months, with my husband Vic trying to adjust to no longer working (but hoping to do so again, eventually) and both of us trying to adjust to the changes that have taken place since his brain tumor and treatment.

He will not have another chest CT until early March. However, he had a brain MRI this week. He has been having a moderate increase in various symptoms (more vision changes, forgetfullness, some decrease in performance status.)

The brain MRI results are a little vague; there is a significant area of degenerative softening of the tissue and probable necrosis in the occipital lobe where the original tumor was. This is probably causing his symptoms. We were told that it can be very difficult on imaging to distinguish radiation damage from recurrent tumor activity, so to return in 8 weeks for another brain MRI. Of course if there are new symptoms or worsening symptoms, we will return sooner.

So - maybe not the best possible results, but not the worst either; just more hoping and waiting, and yet more hoping and waiting, which seems to be common theme in this disease.

I'll take these results for now, and maybe by next time all will be improved.

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I know that the waiting and hoping can be so hard sometimes, but I'm sure everything will improved next time you go in. You can now enjoy the holidays with out any bad news to worry about. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, there has got to be some good things coming your way in 2008.

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