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Dad in hospital

Jackie UK

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Dad hasn't been doing very well the last week or so.

He has been very confused and his sleep pattern is all over the place.

He fell out of a chair twice this past week and my poor mum has been really stressed.

Well today dad was admitted to hospital as he was so agitated my mum didn't know what to do.

He has been put on a drip for dehydration and immediately my mum saw a difference and he ate some soup.

He will stay in hospital for a few days and may go into a hospice but we are unsure when.

My poor mum is wrecked and desperate for some sleep and to be honest i am relieved dad is in hospital as the level of care he needs is too much for him to be at home at the moment.

Please say a little prayer for my dad tonight.



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Hi Jackie,

My thoughts and prayers are with your Dad. Try and focus on you and Mom getting some much needed rest. I know it's difficult while at the hospital....maybe one of you could stay with him over-night while the other goes home to sleep?? It's a GREAT sign that he's already looking better after some hydration.



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