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It's the little things


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I am still working on my life story. It is coming along. Mostly random memories right now but that just means I'll have to organize them some more. I still believe that I am going to be around for a while longer, and as long as there are things to accomplish I will be.

My wife and I have had dogs and cats since we got married. The oldest dog is 4 Yrs old and the youngest is one and a half. Well they decided that they didn't like each other very much the other day and got into a fight. Long story short the youngest got her but whipped and a torn cheek. Stitches and all. We were so worried that it would happen again we called a local woman that trains dogs like the dog whisperer. She came out over the weekend and worked with the dogs for a couple of hours and then taught us how to work the dogs for obediance. Here's the big thing. I have always wanted to be able to take my dogs for a walk without them pulling me down the road. I have not been able to do that since I lost my Lung. Now the trainer gives us these new collars that don't allow them to pull but also doesn't choke or hurt them if they pull. It is remarkable. I took all three dogs for a walk (separately of course) over the past few days. I can walk at my pace with them and they get exercise. I'm in heaven being able to do this.

Finally, my step daughter is pregnant and due in March. There's another reason to live. I want to see my wife become a grandmother (since she always teases me about my 6 grand and step grandchildren). Now I can have some fun.

Take care one and all, keep the faith and know that the mind is capable of enormous feats. That's why I know I living Longer.


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sending PRayers down the road for a long and prosperous recoevery and Life RAlph. Sounds like things are going along ok for ya right now!!!!!!! :)

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I loved reading your post. It truly says that the simple things in life are what life is about. It's about being able to walk your dog or dogs.. :D , it's babies on the way , it's looking forward to teasing your wife... it's about writing the story of your life and sharing it with your family... Ralph , you are special and truly an inspiration to me.

You've got a lot of living to do and I hope I am here to keep up with it. Thank you for sharing.


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