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Cyberknife vs Surgery


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I was sent for an Echo, PET Scan and MRI of the brain yesterday and I just got off the phone with my oncologist. I was sent for the scans after I insisted I go see the Cyberknife radiologists in Hartford, CT. My oncologist wanted to make sure my cancer was still stable.

MRI of the brain is clear...Adrenal gland tumor is the same and they confirmed the existence of a potentially cancerous lymph node in the inferior vena cava that they have seen before but have not been sure about.

After the tumor board meeting today, they have decided that they should send me to a surgeon for laparscopic surgery to remove the right adrenal gland as well as they lymph node. My oncologist will talk to Cyberknife as well and I will still go to the apt. on Wednesday to discuss the best option, cyberknife or surgery. I can not believe that they are considering this. Thank you God and all my friends in this forum. I know even if they do the surgery it doesn't give me any guarantees that a week later, I won't have more cancer but it's a shot in the dark and one I said to my oncologist I deserved.

How do we convince the world to fund lung cancer research, it is sooooo needed.


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Sounds like you have a great medical team. I can't offer any advise on the adrenal gland, but I did want you to know I was thinking about you and wishing you luck in "zapping or cutting" the cancer out of you.

Keep us posted on what you decide to do.


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