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Well Wishes for Connie B


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My birthday is Jan 20 and I'm expecting to drink with you in the pub on that day. This gives you a month to be back here.

No more talk about taking messages either........everyone can take their own messages when it's their time because this isn't yours, Okay?

Will be keeping you in my prayers for a speedy recovery.


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My thoughts and prayers will be with you from now until you post again. Here is hoping you will have a good looking anesthetist with gorgeous eyes.....those will be the eyes you see when you go to sleep, and the ones you wake up to!

So glad Katie will be there....what a gal!

Love to you,


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Connie B.,

You have my best wishes and prayers for continued recovery on your Cancer Crusade. You have served as an inspiration and a model for many of us and we have relied on you for strength and guidance. Your kind and giving spirit has helped us as we will be there for you.

Bless You.


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Silly girl....OF COURSE you'll be back! LOTS of love, hugs, prayers and POSITIVE VIBES are heading your way!

I'll be looking forward to meeting you & Geri at the Pub in January, so hurry up & get well!!!

HUGS to you, too, Katie!! You are such an angel!

Yours in HOPE!


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Coonnie, I am certainly wishing you the very, very best and I am praying that you have a successful surgery and recovery. Please know that you will be surrounded by baby pictures AND positive healing thoughts and prayers.


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So sorry I got to this post late...but the time is still a few hours away from your surgery...so not too late to wish you a uneventful speedy recovery and please know that we will all be in that operating room with you...we will be holding your hand..like Katie...So much love and prayers going your way..can't get any better than that....

Good luck my friend...can't wait to see you on the board again...we will miss you much but we will let you have your much needed rest..but hurry up back here...:-))

love ya...Nonni

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