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Question about stage IV nsclc


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Is it normal for someone with such an advanced stage of lc to be asymptomatic? My mom has never had any symptoms of the cancer, just the chemo and now the radiation. She had slight pressure in her head, and that's how she "knew". The doctor said it was probably nothing but he checked anyway, and sure enough it had moved to the brain. Even when she as initially diagnosed, she had a swollen lymph node in her upper chest. Nothing to big, just a lump. Doctor said it was probably nothing, but it was.

Is this normal, or is this a sign that she is doing well? I'd like to think that the latter is the case. She has always been asymptomatic, even when she was younger and had to have bladder and kidney surgery. The doctor's said she had a defect since birth, but no one knew until she was really sick, and had she not come in right away she would have been on dialysis for her life.



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Actually...what you'll normally find is that with lung cancer they were either asymptomatic or had a lingering cough. With Mom (and many others I read about) she'd gotten "a cold" over the winter and the cough just never went away. Otherwise she felt absolutely fine.

I don't think it has a lot to do with the outcome...just the nature of this disease to "sneak up" on people.

Sending prayers that your mom's scans come out well!!

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As Missy said, the lack of symptoms is one of the big problems with lung cancer -- it's easy to not realize anything is wrong until you're at an advanced stage. I'd say that general good health enables one to better withstand the stresses of chemo/radiation, and a person who is still feeling relatively well under treatment and doesn't have to take treatment breaks may have a better outcome. Feeling well also helps one have a positive outlook, and that's a big plus too.

I'm sorry to say that I'm too lazy this morning to do a search for your previous messages to get more background on your mom's specific condition and treatments. Maybe you could use some of that free time that's so much in abundance this time of year :lol: and copy-paste some of the background info a profile/signature block that will automatically attach to your future messages (old ones too if you click "Edit" and check the "Attach signature" box).

Best to you and your mom with Aloha,


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I wish there had been some symptoms--but unfortunately, my dad experienced nothing...no cough, no cold. One morning, he went out for a run (just to give you a sense of his high level of physical fitness--he was running and swimming 4-5 days a week up until the day he was diagnosed...) and felt some tightness in his chest. Thinking it was a heart problem, he went in to the doctor the next day....and suspicious masses were found on his lungs through an x-ray. And a few weeks later, after more tests, it emerged that he had Stage IV lung cancer...quite a shock.

The challenge for all of us is to find a test that will help with early diagnosis. No one should have lung cancer!

I wish you much strength as you go through this journey.



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Same story here. Massive amounts of cancer that only showed up after a little dry cough for a few months. It changed into a bloody tinged mucus producer and, very suddenly, my husband became short of breath (SOB). It's amazing how much cancer can be in the lungs without any noticeable decrease in physical activity. That is one component of why this particular cancer is such a bad little bugger. Another is that the actual cells are more difficult/resistant to eradicate completely. Our oncologist chuckled about Lance Armstrong and said he wished all cancers were so easy to treat.

During the first few lines of treatment, my husband's SOB resolved and he had nice quality of life.

My best to your Mom on her continued success!


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I've had a similar experience with my mom- she has been relatively healthy since starting this crazy journey. (I am so grateful.) She rebounded well from brain surgery in January, and although she has had some progression of disease in her lungs, most of her symptoms are from the chemo or radiation. I am noticing a change in her voice a bit an some episodes of dry cough but ultimately she's doing well. Still active and keeping active...

I'm not sure of your mom's history but I hope she continues to do well.

All the best,


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It was back problems for my mom. She has always been asymptomatic as far as her chest is concerned. She had one incidence of SOB during the summer but it was humid and close to 100 degrees and she hasn't had it since so I think that was due more to the heat and humnidity.

That's the problem with this stupid disease--you often don't have any symptoms until it has spread. We need early detection and we need A CURE!


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