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Dad hasn't got long

Jackie UK

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Thanks for your replies to my other thread :)

Dad is now not eating at all and hasn't got long according to the doctors.

He is still on a drip,but is now wearing an incontinence nappy as he is unable to go to the toilet by himself,he also has a catheter.

I am in shock at the moment as the nurse who visited him a few days ago thought he still had a few months left.

I am going to visit dad tomorrow as i am unable to leave my son with anyone as he is autistic son i have to wait for my hubby to finish his shift at work.

I keep getting the shakes and my teeth keep chattering and i cant sit still.

My poor mum is going backwards and forwards to the hospital and it really is taking its toll on her.

Relatives have been told and mumis trying to keep everyone up to date.

The docs say dad is less agitated when he has no visitors.

I presume the no eating is a BIG sign that dad is near the end.Are there any other things that would let the docs know a timeline as to how long he might have?

sorry for rambling on,i cant help myself.

i'll keep you posted.

thanks for being there


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I am so sorry to hear about your dad. I know what a difficult time this is for you and your family.

Following is a link that I found somewhat helpful. Not everyone experiences the same stages in the same order, but it made me feel a little better prepared for what was to come.


Wishes for peace for your dad, for you, and your family.

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My thoughts are with you and your family. Towards the end, my dad also seemed less agitated when he had fewer visitors (which was unusual for him since he really loved being around people...)

If it's at all possible, I would try to find a way to start staying at the hospital. The fact that I was with my dad when he passed has been an enormous comfort to me over these past weeks.

Finally, we found that at the very end we had to tell my dad that it was okay for him to go and to leave us. That we would be okay and that we loved him very much. You may find that you need to give your dad "permission" to leave.

I wish you much strength during this difficult time.

My best,


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I have just got back from visiting dad and the docs say he has pneumonia.

He is on oxygen now and was very sleepy while i was there.

He became agitated a few times and we had to hold his hands to calm him down.

I am going back tomorrow and staying as long as i am needed.

My mum is in denial that this is the end and is still convinced dad will get better.

My brother and sister are the same.

I was very upset when i saw him but after the initial shock i was able to sit with him and hold his hand.

I kept telling him i love him and kissing his forehead.

now we have to wait and see what happens.

Thanks for your support.Believe me it really does help.



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