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the continuing saga


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I am, apparently, going to live! The cardiac cath showed that I have a leaky valve but no blockages or muscle damage.

The best news is that the cardiologist feels that medication should control the problem, she has also increased the Lasix and reduced my fluid intake.....which in a nutshell means I will be walking around with an extremely dry mouth but not going far from the bathroom!!!!!

I have a follow up with her on Thursday when I'm sure the game plan will be explained further.

Thanks for the support everyone, I went to the test knowing that I had a lot of prayers going with me.


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What can I say... I'm overwhelmed. Hopefully now you can finally get your life back in order. Talk about disarray... one thing after the other.

But again, you humor, patience and attitude has got you through this. You're amazing!!

How about a box of DEPENDS wrapped with pretty Xmas paper and a big bow... placed under the tree :D:shock::roll::oops:

Love ya,

Maryanne :wink:

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The sleepovers will continue this week. Richard has to go back to VT tomorrow so the 'children' will be back.

It's very nice, they arrive with dinner, keep me company, get things for me all evening and then get up the next morning and go home to shower....they don't even mess up a bathroom :D

I like the idea of depends Maryanne......I always promised Karen she could change my diapers when I got old! :wink::wink: Her answer was that she'd better earn a lot of money so that she could pay someone else to do it :lol::lol: Such a caring kid on the surface!!!!!!!!!!

The irony of all this is that aside from a few months of pneumonitis I wasn't short of breath with lc. Go figure.


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