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Gratitude - December 17th 2007


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Start of the working week

for many.

Grateful today because I can do

some volunteer work for a few hours.

That will make a welcome change in my

dull at home life.......

Grateful I was able to clear a path

for the car to get out of the shelter,

now the shoveling that I used to love

doing is hard work.....but we are still

waiting for a janitor since October 1st,

when you are a tenant you don't have rights

in Quebec, all the rights are in the hands

of the owners and the law (lease is a contract)

so doing my best like the other tenants

in the building to survive till we can

go to court after the New Year.

Grateful because each day with the

''Gratitude'' it is my time for

prayers for all and now a special

request for Connie and her medical team

so all will be fine for her.

Have a good day/week and try to enjoy

the small things in life.


to all


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Overjoyed that a friend came home from the hospital today. She has been in for over a month, and they told her she would never make it out of the hospital. She's a single mom to kids who are 16, 13, and 10. She still may not have much time, but she has today!

Shouting a big, "Thanks be to God!"


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I'm glad this work day is over, too, Pat. Mondays are always hard on me. I got a Christmas card from my cousin, with pictures of her beautiful children. She didn't know Rod had died. But that was ok, it was still nice to read her message and see the children.

Praying for all of us.


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