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Prayers for Harry, please


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Harry will be having his first bone scan tomorrow morning.

He's been in quite a bit of pain for a few weeks now. (Shoulder and rib areas, on the left side).

He's also started getting very dizzy again, and nearly passed out yesterday in the kitchen. My son and I were next to him, luckily, so we managed to keep him from falling.

If the doctor suggests chemo again, it will be his 4th round, so I'm not sure what they will use.

Please say prayers for him. He's scared this time.

Thank you,


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Prayers are there for


Hope all will be well, scary when it

is the first one you pass and after you

have the waitng for the results, some

places they give then right away and

others you have to wait and see your

doctor to get them.

Good wishes.


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Thank you all, very much.

We probably won't be home til evening, but I'll update as soon as I can.

I've got the "shivvers and shakes" about this, for some reason. (Probably because he's been left alone by the doctor's since October, and he seemed so happy! Guess it was kind of easy for us to pretend that things were "normal".)

I appreciate you all, more then words can say.

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