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Severe radiation side effects put hubby in the hospital....


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Things were going great, after 4 weeks of radiation, tumor shrank, hubby didn't lose any weight, blood counts were good, skin wasn't too bad. Then last week it all went downhill.....every day worse than the next. Skin very distressed, but that isn't the worst of it. Swallowing and esophagus pain excruiating, he couldn't eat or swallow barely anything. Resulting in: yesterday when reporting for morning treatment he couldn't even lie on the table, his chest hurt so badly. He lost 6 pounds and was pronounced dehydrated. Admitted immediately. He's on pretty heavy pain meds and he says it hardly helps. This morning he says he still doesn't feel much better. Doc says no more chemo, he finished 5 weeks but they were going to do six. How long til these symptoms go away? Very distressing.....

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I had very painful esophagitus after about 25 radiation treatments. It was about a month after treatments stopped before I was able to eat solid food. For about 6 weeks I lived on milkshakes, runny eggs and other extremely soft food. All together it was more than 2 months after treatment stopped before the pain was substantially gone.

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I am sorry to read of your husband's distress. I think you can take some comfort in the likelihood that your hsuband has received most of the benefit that his treatment would give him. From this point on, the treatment benefit curve would flatten out. The last 2 weeks is just like the icing on the cake.

Don M

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Ouch, this doesn't sound fun for your husband.

In addition to the regular pain medication, did your doctor mention a magic mouthwash that actually numbs the esophagus for short periods of time? I wonder if that may help him in addition to the pain meds.

Hopefully he will start feeling better soon!!


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