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Connie B

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Well My friends, I just HAD to come here and THANK YOU ALL one by one for your Sincere Love & Support, & Well Wishes & PM's, & Prayers! I only hope I don't forget anyone, and if I do, Please know I thank you from the bottom of my soon to be fixed heart! :wink::D:D

Thank You, Andrea, Val, Don M, Ned, Randy, Laurie, Jackie, Tina, Starr13, Rochelle (RY), Kasey, Wendy, Katie, Rich, Mike, Teri, Maryanne, Missy, Sue, Tammy, Millie, Muriel, Nicole, Bruce, Jill, Welthy, Geri, Bucky, Roger, Faylene(Fay), Cindy, Lilly, Christine, Debbie, Ellen, Sharyn, Lisa, ConnieL, Dar, John, Cathy, Barbara5452, Stacey, Nick, Rhonda, Carolg, Pam, Mare, and ALL you wonderful people who I may have not mentioned. My Very Sincere Appreciation to you ALL!

I honestly plan on being back here after the first of the year. My party hat is ready, my party friends are all in place, and I'm going in at tomorrow with a POSITIVE ATTITUDE.

My Prayers are ALWAYS with you ALL!

God Bless Us Everyone!! You are ALL the best!! :wink: Stay positive and NEVER EVERY SAY NEVER nor EVER GIVE UP HOPE! Lung Cancer IS BEATABLE!!


It's Another Great Day To Be Alive! Happy Holidays!


Connie B.

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Connie, you didn't really think we'd let you have the last word, did you? You are so thoughtful to be thinking of all of us just hours before your surgery. We'll be praying for you, sending positive thoughts, and anything else anyone can think of to help you tomorrow. Very gentle hugs.

( ( ( ( ( Connie ) ) ) ) )


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BigFuzzy warm Blankets witing in ICU for you to wrap in while you recover Darlin!! Prayers and Good thoughts an LOT of posiive energy comin at Ya!!!

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