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more extra prayers needed


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i'm off to the dr with my sister in an hour, results of her PET should be in. she's been having some pain that i'm praying is just muscular, but i know could also be bone. so when you say your prayers today, a little extra one that there is no spread would be very helpful. thank you all in advance. as i keep saying, time to put my game face on, since they all look to me for my reactions, i've actually learned to appear calm and cool and optimistic when i'm not feeling quite so much like that. :)

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all and all, not so bad. there is residual activity in the tumor but i told my sister that it was a longshot that there would be no activity. but the good news is there was no sign of activity in the lymph nodes and no new sites, nothing at all on the bones and he wasn't concerned based on those results. so we go back to the surgeon as he really wants him to consider removing the lobe. more to come tomorrow i suppose. thank you all for the added prayers!

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