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Connie B Update--So far so good


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I am copying and pasting Katie's correspondences regarding our Connie (most recent first):

Final update of the day: Surgery is over . Connie is off the bypass machine and is now on ventalator. It was a very difficult case with the scar tissue, getting into the chest and then doing the bypass (they used two veins from her legs, and then put iin a mechanical valve.They also discovered that a bone in her chest had never healed from the last surgery which might have contributed to some of her pain,They've closed her up and she is expected to Be on a ventilator and in coma for at least 48 hours,. it's watch and wait at this point but the procedures themselves were successful,They had her for 12 long hours today. Maurie and I will get to see her in about 30 minutes.

The next 24 hours are critical but so far so good! Thank goodness.


5:45pm update: Connies actual surgical procedures are over, she made It off the heat/lung bypass machine just now and is wonderfully breathing on her own, they are now starting to close her up. No complications to report at this time. I will post more when we know more.


5:00 update: It took much longer than expected but the Operation itself is finished. They are waiting to get her off the heart/lung bypass machine. They say it can take another 1.5 - 2 hours , they said its been a struggle but so far she is hanging in there. We continue to wait. Will post more information as it becomes available.


3:30 update: They have her on the heart/lung bypass machine and have completed two graphs. They are now beginning the Mitral Valve replacement. This os taking much longer than expected. No estimate on how much longer. Will update once more when we have more infomation.


12:15 update: Surgery is proceeding along well. There is a tremendous amount of scar tissue which is what is taking so long. They are dealing with that

before moving forward. Also, they had planned on using a vein on the underside of the chest wall for the bypass, buy that vein is unusable. They will use a vein in her leg.So far no problems.

They will let us know when they put her on the heart/lung bypass machine and when they progress further.I will keep you posted when we have more news.


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Thank you Andrea,

All day waiting for news,

and good news now.

She made it in 45 minues from

the heart/lung bypass machine,

Connie was looking so much to

good breathing and now she has it.

Thank you again, will keep the

prayers going like everybody else

on the forum.


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