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Introduce Myself! Hi All!


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Hello All! My name is Michele and we just found out that my dad (Henry) has Stage 4 lung cancer, not only has it spread on his lungs, it's also in his bones. BUT that is not IT! Believe it or not, he also has COPD Chroic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. He started Chemo today, and all of this is like a whirlwind!! I can't seem to grasp my feelings on all of it. I talk to him and he seems like my dad! Normal, like nothing is wrong. But inside him it's so bad! I am on this site to get as much information as I possibly can, and know that he's not alone with this! SO please anyone with any experience with Lung cancer and COPD, write me! I need info! I don't trust all these websites out there, I read and read and it really doesn't give me much, just a headache and soar shoulders!

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my sister also has moderate COPD. i think it is not an uncommon thing to find in LC patients. if that helps ease your mind at all. we all know about the whirlwind of those first days, and everyone will tell you, it gets better once you get a gameplan in place. hang in there!

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Welcome Michele. This is a good place to start collecting information. We have a lot of people here with far more experience with LC than anyone would want to have. You should also be able to find good reliable information from the websites of major cancer centers. MD Anderson, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Mayo Clinic, Moffitt have lots of information about lung cancer.

I agree with cat127 that it's not unusual to have lung cancer and COPD. Has the doctor put him on Advair or Singular? That might help him some.

It is easy to become overwhelmed at the beginning. I feel that the more you can learn about cancer and treatments the better the situation will be for you and your dad.


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Hi, Michele, welcome to the LCSC!

Please don't hesitate to ask questions. There are no dumb questions! In my 15 months here I have NEVER seen a snippy or condescending answer from a member of this group -- it simply isn't done.

After you've browsed the sites Muriel mentioned, I suggest you visit onctalk.com. There's a wealth of information there, primarily on lung cancer, constantly updated by a Seattle oncologist who is an internationally-recognized expert on lung cancer and who gives high priority to promptly answering questions from people like you and me. A lot of us have "dual citizenship" so to speak, and use the same usernames there as here.

You'll soon be up to speed and able to help your father more than you can imagine. Best wishes and Aloha,


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Welcome and sorry you had to come here. I can't really help with the COPD.

Just wanted to say that my Dad, George, was dx w/ Stage IV several weeks ago. Similiar to yours he seemed outwardly good, but not at all on the inside. The insanity of the 1st several weeks is finally slowing down now that his treatments started. I spent a lot of time reading everythingh I could find, but found searching these sites one of the best sources of up-to-date information by reading other's experiences/treatments. Dr. West's site is really good.


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I was diagnosed with COPD with chronic bronchitis prior to my diagnosis of lung cancer. The one thing I do know is that the COPD in my case makes it a little harder to breath when I exert myself. Look at my profile at the end of the reply and you will see what I have gone through with this. I am now stage 4 because of brain mets and am off all medications as they don't think it will prolong my life any. The people here have lots of experience with the ins and outs so ask away and I will put your dad in my prayers.


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Hi Michele,

Welcome here and I am so so sorry for your dads diagnosis. My heart goes out to you. I know how scared you must be. Keep a positive attitude and a smile around him. If he keeps a positive attitude that is half the battle as it would not work otherwise.

There are many people on here who were diagnosis with stage IV who were actually given, months, weeks etc, but they are still with us.


We are always here for you, you are never alone.

I cannot help you with the COPD but I am sure you will hear from people who have that.

Keep him close and always be there for him.

I know how special dads are and just believe that miracles do happen. We have seen it on here many times.

When you get a chance go to the top where it saids my profile and post his so we know what kind of LC he has and what kind of treatments they are giving him.

Hang strong sweetie,


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Welcome, I'm so glad you found us. You've got a lot to deal with and it is always scariest in the beginning. My mom was diagnosed stage IV almost one year ago (with bone mets) and she is doing great now. Her disease is stable and she is feeling good, so there is hope. Don't even let anyone tell you there is no hope.


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Welcome, my dad is stage 3B-inoperable. We found out the end of October '07. He was being treated for COPD but unfortunately it was cancer. Treatments were too much for him. He has decided to live the rest of his life without the sickness and misery of chemo & radiation. He is to see his onc on 1-7-08. I try to be with him every day. My heart aches for what he is going through and I can't bear the thought of letting him go, but I'm doing better. Be there as much as you can and show him your love. Stay strong!

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Welcome Michelle.

I don't know if anyone can fully get their arms around this disease. I know it still seems like a bad dream to me. People speak of a new normal or a new way at looking at your life. I guess that does come with time as you settle into a routine of treatment and scans.

Just be encouraged that treatment is more effective these days, that people are living longer and that some people with advanced cancer have been in remission for many years.

Don M

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