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Update on Jeff's stolen pickup


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This week the police found Jeff's pickup in a wash about 2 hours drive from his home. It had been used by Coyote's to bring illegals in from Mexico he was told. The backlights were broken out, the backseat was gone and the windows were painted black.

The truck is a Ford F-250 he paid $20,000 for. The repair estimate is $29,000.

They had beat every area of the body, no part left undented. Jeff doesn't know what it looks like under the hood but there were no matching wheels or tires on it. Sure glad he has a good insurance guy and full coverage. He has already purchased a used Honda Civic and The Club!


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Oh Barb! Doesn't that plain suck eggs? Grrrr...

A Honda just doesn't replace a Ford F-250 -- I'm so sorry that he had to go through all of this mess, but glad it's over now. (Don't even get me started on the whole illegal thing.:evil:) The Club!! Good idea.

How are you doing Barb? I think of you often.



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